BUSD 1 – Parents and Kids 0

I heard back from the District Attorney’s Office and learned that Dr. Kayrell and Mrs. Lara have won this round. I was told I would now need to file a civil suit and/or take my complaint to the Civil Grand Jury. Either process will drag this out beyond the district’s timetable to finalize their budget cuts. Actually, even if the district were to provide me the information I’ve requested today, there still is no time for parents to be ready to provide informed input. It is my understanding the Board will be meeting on Monday to consider the cuts they need to make.

It is true we are unable to provide informed input to the board but this doesn’t mean we can’t still provide input. It is clear the board won’t be soliciting public input of any kind but it doesn’t mean they can prevent us from telling them what we think. Even when they are making the rules and changing them on the fly, even when they are ignoring state law, they still have to hold a public board meeting to approve their cuts. This will be our last chance to be heard. It is probably too late but if you don’t take this opportunity to be heard, don’t complain next year when busing is eliminated, school class sizes increase and the school year is shortened.

Stay tuned for the scheduled meeting information.