An Email to our School Board

The following was emailed March 8, 2012 to the Beaumont Unified School Board and cc'd to the Superintendent.

Mrs. Lara, Mr. Hackney, Mr. Orozco, Mrs. Poulter and Mrs. De Longchamp, 

In the last board meeting, some of you expressed an interest in holding a public forum to seek the support of the Beaumont community for the inevitable cuts you will need to make to our school district’s budget. I think this is a good idea. As a result of the current economic crisis, our families have had to take a serious look at our own budgets and have also had to make choices similar to what we have elected you to do. Just as you have to decide for our kids’ schools, we have had to determine things in our daily lives we have to do without in order to keep our budget cuts as far away from our kids as possible. We would like to help and support you make your difficult choices. 

I have followed the budgeting process over the last 5 school years and I have seen the many preliminary and final budgets you have approved. I’ve noticed your administration always presents you summarized by category, and sometimes by fund, amounts detailed down to the dollar. I am sure there is supporting documentation that enables the administration to provide you these figures but I have had a difficult time discovering the details. Even when I served on Dr. Kayrell’s Budget Review Committee, it was difficult for me, a lay-person, to wade through the documentation to find the detailed budgeted expenditures.

I would like to provide a detailed list to the community for their consideration and review before you hold your public forum. The more we are informed about the detailed expenses you are budgeting for the 2012-2013 school year, the more we will be able to help. 

I am sure you don’t rely on only the fund and category totals when you are considering what valuable programs and services to reduce or eliminate. I have seen many detailed spreadsheets Mr. Elatar has presented at board meetings and I am sure he has probably already provided one for you; it shouldn’t take too many resources to email me a copy of the file. Please instruct your administration to provide me the highest granular, most detailed file which they have provided you.

Please instruct them to make this a high priority so we will have time before the public forum(s) to review and then we will be able to support the decisions you will have to make. 

Thank you,

Lloyd White

Beaumont Unified Parent