The Beaumont Parent Network Re-Launches

It's time to get organized!

Please understand I am a novice at organizing and I may make a few mistakes, please be patient, I'll figure it all out.

I've dusted off my Beaumont Parent Network Facebook page and my email account in order to officially re-launch the BPN, Beaumont Parent Network.

I plan to link the petition and the Blog to the BPN Facebook page. This will make it easy to link it to your facebook friends and help to spread the word faster.  I encourage you to follow the Facebook page, this is where I will coordinate all my activities. Facebook provides a great tool for getting the petition in front of as many people as possible. 

The petition has been published and is ready to go. Once you "sign" the petition, I believe you will be able to hide your signature but I recommend you don't. I think others will be encouraged to see who is supporting the petition. Also, You will be given the opportunity to send a letter to BUSD Board President Mrs. Lara. In your letter you can tell her why this is important to our kids.

Click here to link to the petition on Change.Org

Here's the complete link: