Beaumont Unified Public Records Petition

The Beaumont Unified Public Records Petition has been submitted to It should be listed and ready for signatures tomorrow. Once I have the link, I will post it here.

Please help me get the word out. This is an important step in convincing our school board that we are serious about having a say in our kids educational future.

Here is a copy of the text of the petition:

The Beaumont Unified Public Records Petition

We, the Parents and People of Beaumont, hereby request that you (the Beaumont Unified School Board) instruct the Superintendent to provide, to the public, in digital format, access to detailed accounting of the expenses, actual and projected, for the 2011-2012 school year for the following categories:

  • Approved Textbooks and Core Curricula Materials
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Travel Conferences
  • Professional Consulting Services and Operating Expenditures
  • Employee Benefits (Unemployment Insurance, STIRS Contributions, PERS Contributions, Health Care Benefits)
  • Capital Facility Fund (#25)
  • Special Reserve Fund for Capital Outlay Projects(#40)
  • Deferred Maintenance Fund(#14)
  • Adult Education Fund(#11)

We further request you provide any information, reports, or priority lists that have been provided to you by the administration to assist you in your analysis of the district’s proposal for resolving the projected deficit spending. This request includes, but is not limited to, any information, reports, or priority lists created or considered by the Budget Review Committee.

Section 6250 of the California Public Records Act says:
"In enacting this chapter, the Legislature, mindful of the right of individuals to privacy, finds and declares that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state."