Your Kids Need Your Help

It is time parents take back control of our kids’ lives. I am finished standing by and watching our politicians destroy their future.  Our school board needs to understand we are going to have a say in what happens in the latest rounds of budget cut, even if they don’t want hear from us. I have asked them to provide us with the information we need to be able to recommend where we would like to see cuts made. Information they should have asked for themselves and reviewed before authorizing the administration to pink slip 46 teachers.

I have not heard from Board President Lara or anyone from Dr. Kayrell’s administration in response to my requests for information. What are they hiding? What is it that they don't want us to see? Don't you want to know? I've heard two board members request public forums yet there has been no action from the board majority or the superintendent. Why don't they want to hear from us? What are they afraid of?

I’ve heard many words of encouragement and support from parents, teachers, and others with a stake in our schools and our kids. I have been asked “How can I help?” Well, I am going to take matters into my own hands and I need those of you who agree with me, to step up and help me stand up for our kids. I'm not going to give up without a fight, my kids depend on me. They are going to already have an uphill battle against the mountains of debt we are leaving them, the least I can do is to fight to provide them the best opportunity to get the knowledge and skills they are going to need.

The first step will be to force the district to provide us the information we need in order to make an informed decision about what programs and services we want eliminated before any more instructional time is taken away from our kids. Once I have the information, I will present it in a useful format to parents and teachers. Then we will hold our own public forum and come together to have the discussion our Board President and Superintendent don't want us to have. We will hold this discussion on our terms without the board's three minute limit on our free speech and their threat of legal action for speaking out.

The petition for information I hope will accomplish two things. First, it will force the board and the administration to do what they are legally required to do, provide public access to budget information. Second, it will provide a measure of how many people in Beaumont are serious about protecting our kids’ education. Once the first step succeeds, the second step will be to hold a public forum where informed parents and teachers will provide a list of our priorities for our board to consider before they decide were to make their cuts.

On Sunday night, March 24, I will post a link to an online petition directing the board to instruct the administration to provide a complete list of expenditures and projected expenditures for the current school year, 11/12. The key to a successful petition effort is to get the petition widely distributed. This is where I need everyone’s help. Please follow the link and sign the petition. Then forward the link to everyone you know. Go on your Facebook or Twitter and link directly to the petition or my blog posts. I will present the petition and announce the details for the public discussion before the next school board meeting.

Your kids need your help, they are depending on you.