The Beaumont 46

My daughter hears us talking about the teacher layoffs and she comes home each day worrying about which teachers in her school will be losing their jobs. I think it is important to put a name to the number of pink slips the district sent out. Here's the list of the Beaumont 46.

1. Alexander, Rita (BHS)

2. Benson, Kuuipo (THE)

3. Broadway-McCracken, Shari (AHE)

4. Cowen, Rebekah (Palm)

5. Crayne, Danielle (Sundance)

6. De la Cruz, Oscar (BHS)

7. Dill, Laci (THE)

8. Espalin, Alyssa (Brookside)

9. Franklin, Amy (BHS)

10. Hammond, Gregory (MVMS)

11. Herlihy, Rachelle (BHS)

12. Hollingworth, Katie (THE)

13. Holmes, Tiffany (BHS)

14. Kenyon, Genelle (AHE)

15. Larson, Hilary (THE)

16. Lithyouvong, Marianne (GVHS)

17. Lopez, Cesar (GVHS)

18. Lopez, Yolanda (BHS)

19. Lusk, Meghan (AHE)

20. Lymon, Sharisa (AHE)

21. Martin, Jennifer (AHE)

22. Mayer, Monica (MVMS)

23. McGill, Lynda (THE)

24. McIntosh, Matthew (GVHS)

25. Medlen, Tammi (Brookside)

26. Myrdahl, Kathryn (AHE)

27. Nedeltchev, Snijina (BHS)

28. Newmeyer, Elizabeth (AHE)

29. Nicklaus, Danielle (AHE)

30. Norris, Kelly (Palm)

31. Olufson, Brian (Palm)

32. Rivera, Erika (AHE)

33. Rodriguez, Cecilia (3RR)

34. Simmons, Nicole (Palm)

35. Tiernan, Lisa (MVMS)

36. Turley, Kristen (Palm)

37. Vargyas, Bradley (SGMS)

38. Walker, Debbie (AHE)

39. Williams, Michael (BHS)


The following certificated personnel will receive a precautionary layoff notice:

1.Anderson, Kathleen (BHS)

2.Ayers, Caitlin (3RR)

3.Garcia, Maria (SGMS)

4.Norgren, Miranda (Palm)

5.Quintero, Catalina (BHS)

6.Vanderpool, David (BHS)

7.Taylor, Tamara (MVMS)