I Can't Make This Stuff Up

I've put together some interesting clips from this week's Beaumont Unified School Board Meeting. These clips show the Government School Culture at work.

The first clip is regarding an agenda item dealing with the approval of the parking lot redesign at Tournament Hills Elementary. If you have been following my posts, you know I have been working within the district's processes, going to the right meetings, following up with the administration regarding the traffic safety around Brookside Elementary. I have been skeptical of the board and the administration's actions and have predicted they would try to quietly drop the issue.

I was hoping at least Mr. Elatar, the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services would honor his word and bring a proposal to the board for direction. Once the board considered the proposal, I would have a chance to finally speak directly to our elected board about my concerns. You will hear in this clip that Mr. Elatar, Dr. Kayrell and Board President Mrs. Lara decided to suspend any further discussion until the stadium and Taj Mahal are completed. Once again, Dr. Kayrell, with Lara's help, takes control of the board's governing authority and once again parents are misled by the administration.

Brookside traffic safety can wait 4:24

In the clip you can hear Dr. Kayrell accuse me of asking a rhetorical when I asked if the board had been presented with a specific proposal. Here is one definition of a rhetorical question:

rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question without the expectation of a reply. 

I would expect more from our district's top educator.

In this next clip the board's sports authority, Board Member Mr.Hackney, compares the traffic at Brookside to the traffic after an Angels game. Mr. Hackney thinks parents are concerned about how long it takes to pick up and drop off our kids. Apparently he hasn't heard a word I've said about this being a safety issue. 

It's just like an Angels' game 2:55

This next clip Board Member Mrs. De Longchamp's expresses her latest opinion on the traffic at Brookside. While listening to this clip, keep in mind Mrs. De Longchamp's response to a question about traffic around our schools when she was running for the school board.

What would you do to fix the drop off areas at Brookside?

I know firsthand about this, my daughter was a student at Brookside and I too had to park in the dirt field. This and the access around the high school must be fixed immediately and ultimately it's the Districts responsibility to set up and ensure that our kids are safe at school sites.

If elected, I'll work to use Measure Z funds to correct this problem immediately. If need be, I'll delay the construction of the new district office and use those funds to fix the roads around our schools. Our children's safety is more important than a fancy new office.

Mrs. De Longchamp has a change of heart 1:02

Finally, I addressed the board about the interim budget report. I began by asking Mrs.Lara, Mr.Hackney and Mrs. De Longchamp each one of the questions about the budget that I had previously emailed them. I told them I knew the administration would know the answers but that before they lay off teachers, increase class size or shorten the school year, parents want to know that they know the answers or were at least asking the right questions. There was hardly a word from any one of the three during the 30 minute budget discussion.

What makes our elected officials believe they don't have to answer to their constituents? 2:39