Brookside Traffic Solution - Dead on Arrival

Superintendent Dr. Kayrell, Board President Mrs. Lara and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Mr. Elatar, have decided to end any discussion of a solution for the traffic problems at Brookside Elementary.

This appeared to be a unilateral move by President Lara. It appears the remaining board members were never presented the proposal promised by Mr. Elatar. Brookside parents never had an opportunity to let the board know how they feel.

The same school district that built an elementary school, middle school and high school within a quarter mile of each other, near one of the busiest intersection in our town, have decided it makes sense to add a new stadium and a district office to the mix before they address the traffic problem. Our city council members who have said they support finding a solution to the traffic problems around Brookside Ave and Beaumont Ave have become unusually silent. The city seems to be sitting back once again and watch the school district call the shots. I'm sure we'll hear from them that it's not their responsibility.

The comments from Dr. Kayrell and his other two board members on this topic show how out of touch they are with the problem and they need to be heard to be believed. I want everyone to hear for themselves what was said last night about the Brookside Gauntlet and the school district's budget so I am waiting until I am able to provide some audio clips from last night's meeting before posting a complete summary. 

I've followed every rule and procedure the administration has told me to follow regarding the redesign of Brookside's traffic patterns. I've waited to have my chance to formally address the board on a proposal and now that opportunity has been eliminated. I'm not sure what else I can do on my own but I won't give up, I can't.