Another Email to Our School Board

The following was emailed March 11, 2012 to the Beaumont Unified School Board.

Mrs. Lara, Mr. Hackney, Mr. Orozco, Mrs. Poulter and Mrs. De Longchamp,

Since I have not heard back from anyone at the district office in response to my earlier request, I thought I would narrow the focus of my request and try once more.

I will amend my earlier request to cover just these four categories:

  • Approved Textbooks and Core Curricula Materials

  • Materials and Supplies

  • Travel and Conferences

  • Professional Consulting Services and Operating Expenditures

From what I can tell, these items represent $6,087,116 of the budget which is about 9% of the total expenditures. Please ask your administration to provide me a line item record of these four categories. If it would be easier for them to comply, I am willing to accept a summary of only the 10-15 largest payees in each category. I wouldn't expect each of you to know these items off the top of your head but I assume you approved most of these as individual agenda items so they shouldn't be unfamiliar to you.

Also, I went through the 2nd interim report the administration is asking you to approve this week and some items caught my attention and raised some questions. I assume each of you reviewed the report and I am sure you can see why I might be curious. I am sure you either knew the details behind the numbers or you were able to consult with the administration if you had the same questions I did. I would prefer to have an open dialogue with you in person but I don't believe I can adequately address my issues in just three minutes and since you have no other platform for me to speak to all of you at once, I decided to email you with my questions.

Here they are:

Why is there a six hundred thousand dollar difference between the board approved budgeted amount and the 2012 projected amount for materials and supplies?

Where did the difference between the board approved amount for travel and conferences, $153,902, and the projected amount of $ 165,021, come from?

Why is there $38,375 more projected for professional consulting services than what the board approved?

And finally, the three year projected report itemizes certificated salaries and classified salaries but I don't see the trend broken out for the administration's salaries. What are the trend numbers for the superintendents' salaries and pensions.

I know your budget experts could point me to items in the report or in the past board meeting minutes that would answer these questions but I am more interested in whether you know the answer to these questions and if you are satisfied with the answers before you authorize the report.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Lloyd White