Agenda Review - The Orozco Act

Teachers' collective bargaining agreement; supplemental retirement plans; workforce reduction (layoffs) and code of ethics are all on schedule to be discussed at this week's Beaumont Unified School District board meeting. I need to learn more about the labor related items, look for my review of the meeting later in the week. I have an opinion on the newly proposed "Code of Ethics" board policy. I believe it is in direct response to the actions by board President Lara towards her fellow board member Mark Orozco at the last board meeting. I think this should be known as The Orozco Act.

I will be unable to attend this week's meeting but even if I were able to make it, my comments cannot be made in the 3 minutes the board President will allow me. I've recorded what I would have said if my right to publicly address the board had not been unreasonably limited. If you are interested, click on the following link.

Code Of Ethics - The Orozco Act