Another Accident During Brookside Elementary Drop off

There was another accident today at Brookside Elementary during student drop off. I have no details just third party observation by my wife. She observed two cars and a Beaumont police car with its lights on in the middle of Oak View Ave near the exit of the bus drop off lane. This is the second accident I know of this month.

When is one of our city council members or our school board members who were all elected to protect our interests going to take a stand? My most important interest is the safety of my kids. It is unacceptable and irresponsible to move forward with all the major construction around the school and to take a wait and see position on the traffic conditions that are being compounded by the construction. These are conditions that all our elected representatives have been made aware of and many have condemned. I hate to think what is going to have to happen to get one of them to stand up and do something responsible.