Government School Culture 101 - Manage The Public

Below is the response I received from Mr. Elatar to my inquiry about the Brookside parking lot redesign.

To an outsider, not familiar with the Government School Culture, this seems like a positive response and a step forward. This couldn't be farther from the truth. This is a clear example of how the Government School Culture influences decisions by the district administrators and the school boards and how to "Manage the Public". This has provided me a great teachable moment.

I've recorded some comments click here to listen if you are interested in learning more. I would prefer to present my comments in person to the board at the next board meeting but I don't believe I can fully address the issue in the 3 minutes. Here, on my terms, I am able to take the time necessary to present my response and position on such an important issue and I know the board members and the administration will be listening.

Mr. Elatar's response:

Mr. White
There are no plans. There is only conceptual drawing. This conceptual drawing was developed by the architect with feedback from parents and the school staff and administrators in a span of 3 different meetings. The architect also reviewed potential DSA requirements and provided rough estimates of construction and soft costs.
As you may are aware, the scope of this project would add staff parking lot in a seldom and rarely used field area leaving more flexibility to re-design the main parking area and allow more private vehicles to use the site parking lot instead of the streets.
Board members took a tour of district construction sites two weeks ago. They also toured Brookside Elementary potential parking expansion project and reviewed with the architect the conceptual drawing and estimated costs of such project.
It is not typical to post draft conceptual plans in the District’s facilities web site without approval for designs of projects by the Board and complete approved DSA designs.
I am not aware of having another parents meeting at this time with the archetict and facilities staff. Please check with the school principal about the meeting you are asking about.
The next step is take the final draft of the drawing to the Board and get their direction if they would like to move forward with full design based on the estimated costs of the project.
Thank you

Wael Elatar--
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Beaumont Unified School District