My Final Campaign Message

I’ve done all I can to get my message out and at this point it is in the hands of the voters. It has been an interesting couple of months and I have learned a lot about myself as well as the city of Beaumont. I am looking forward to Wednesday so I can end my campaign mode and get back to doing what I am most passionate about, standing up for our kids. Looking back, I realize there are many individuals who have been a large part of my campaign and I want to take this opportunity to thank them.

Let me begin by saying thank you to all the parents and grandparents I’ve met on your doorsteps for taking time to listen to me and for sharing your concerns about our schools. There are way too many of you who welcomed me into your homes to thank individually but I promise you, regardless of my title on the day after the election, I will continue to fight for our kids and their educational futures.

I want to thank the following:

Mark Orozco for encouraging me to run.

Jessica Warrick - one of our family’s closest friends - for helping me with my press release, fliers and campaign photos.

Mike Sturman for your support and the letter-to-the-editor in the Record Gazette.

Edyie Boal, Steven Chaffin, Jill Padilla, and John Dyson for distributing fliers and offering to place my signs in your yards and encouraging your neighbors to do the same.

The leaders and parents of Beaumont Cub Scout Pack 322, especially the parents of my son’s fellow Wolves, for your understanding and patience. I look forward to resuming all my duties and responsibilities after the election.

Gunnar Hardy - a friend, pre-campaign babysitter, next door neighbor and opponent - for your guidance in navigating the rules and procedures regarding campaign filings and sign permits of the County Registrar of Voters and The City of Beaumont.

Ed Brown - a friend, fellow Cub Scout Leader and opponent – for being a sounding board on all things BUSD and for providing me insight into Beaumont’s political machine.

Thank you John Yang, Laura Cox, Merced Ramirez, Sheri Davis, Jason Rearick, Regan Altuna-Sandborn, and Christine Beaucaire, all loyal Facebook friends for spreading my message by “liking” and commenting on my posts.

My Mom (Carol White) - a retired teacher – who, while rehabbing from recent knee replacement surgery, lobbied everyone she ran into at Cherry Valley Healthcare for their vote.

Caitlin and Riley, my daughter and son, for understanding why I had to miss some of your activities and so many family dinners.

Most of all, Thank you Marti – my best friend and wife for 25 years – for being a great wife and mother, my chief of staff, senior campaign advisor, and a calming influence. I would never have considered running without your support and encouragement.

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. It has been a fun and rewarding experience, I am truly looking forward to serve as a member of the Beaumont Unified School Board.