Happy National Parental Involvement Day

Today is National Parental Involvement Day. I want to thank all the volunteers in Beaumont Unified School District; without their support, our schools would be a much different place. If you are a teacher or administrator please show your appreciation to the volunteers in your classrooms with a simple thank you. If you are a parent, seek out your PTA members and thank them, without the work they do, many of our kids would never even know what a field trip was.

I want to persoally thank the PTA leaders at my kids' school, Brookside Elementary:

Debra Roppelt, Kayci Jones, Eunice Lopez, Sheryl Toquero, Sue Keesling, Kim Knight, Kris Daugherty, Diane Tacchia, Jessica Warrick, Danyale Nolan Ellitt, Andrea Petersen, Sheila Adsit, Cassie McFaden