Where's My Candidate's Statement?

The sample ballots are out and the Vote By Mail ballots will follow soon.

Several people have asked me why my candidate's statement isn't published in the voters' guide.. When a candidate files papers to run for an office he or she has to determine if they want to pay $700 to include a statement on the ballot about who they are and why they are running. Most of you know I am running on a shoestring budget. I have decided not to accept any financial support because I don't want any strings attached. It's fees such as this one that make it hard for someone running independently to win a local school board seat. In my opinion, it's one reason we often elect candidates who are beholding to special interests. There are many problems with our county, state, and federal political systems, that I can't fix but I think an individual can make a difference at the local school board level, especially in Beaumont.

With help from a friend, I have created a press release that I will be sending to all the local news outlets this week. I am making it available here for my supporters to distribute to their coworkers,  family and friends who are registered to vote in Beaumont. 

Click here to download the release. Then email it, print it or share it on Facebook.  

If you, or someone you know, hasn't registered to vote yet, it isn't too late. October 22nd is the last day to register.

Click here and look for this button:


Feel free to contact me if you need help or have other ideas how to get my statement out to more voters.