My Case to the 29 Percenters

The real power in Beaumont is not the employee unions. It’s not the local businesses with multimillion dollar contracts with our school district and our city. It’s the 11 thousand of you Beaumontians who lived here before 2000. Many of you have lived most of your lives here or you are related to families with decades of history here in the Pass. Using the vernacular of today’s politics, you would be known as the 29 percenters.  I am one of the other 71 %, the 27,000 new residents who have moved here since 2000. I know of only one new resident to win a political office in Beaumont. This makes it clear, you are the most influential voting bloc in Beaumont; I’d like to make my case directly to you for your vote.

This year there is only one forum for school board candidates to present their positions and very few other opportunities for you to learn about the people who want your support to make the decisions that affect the educational future for Beaumont’s children. If voters are presented a choice with very little information, a familiar name or familiar face can become a deciding factor. Please approach this election with an open mind, consider the candidates’ positions and if you don’t know their position, before you make a choice, find out. Please don’t vote for a candidate just because you went to high school with them or one of their family members. Don’t vote for a candidate just because they have experience on the school board or in a previous administration. Make an effort to learn about the candidates. Find out what they have done for our schools and where they stand on the issues important to our kids’ futures. All our kids depend on you making the right choice.

I knew going into this race that I was an outsider. I knew the history of politics in Beaumont made me a longshot to win.  I am running because I love my children. I fear their generation will be the first in the history of our country not to inherit a better life from their parents. Our schools need to prepare our children to meet the challenges they will face. I will work to reverse the trends of decreasing instructional time and mismanagement of our kids’ resources. I will bring independent leadership to the school board to change the culture in Beaumont Unified. I will work to bring school choice to Beaumont by transforming Palm and Mountain View into magnate schools specializing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I will prepare our kids to compete for lucrative jobs in a tech industry lacking qualified applicants. I will improve the safety around our schools. I will build something special.

I have attended almost every board meeting since my daughter started kindergarten five years ago. I have analyzed and offered my opinion and suggestions on the critical issues through my blog posts on .  Unlike my opponents, through my writings, I present you with more than a familiar name or face. You may not agree with me on every issue but you will know what you are getting if you elect me, there won’t be any surprises.

I haven't lived in Beaumont all my life: I'm not related to any of the community's influential families. I've stepped on a lot of toes of the connected and the powerful in Beaumont. I am in an uphill battle but if I am elected, I will not be in debt to anyone, except my kids. It is because of my kids, Caitlin and Riley, that even against the odds, I had to try.