Why Did BTA Feel They Needed to Mislead?

When I met with the teachers and classified representatives regarding their endorsement, I asked them what came with their endorsement. The BTA president, Greg Abt, told me there was no financial support. This was fine with me because I wouldn’t have accepted it, I believe I had made that clear. Then at the following school board meeting, Mr. Abt once again claimed there was no money attached to their endorsement. I found out this week that each of the candidates they endorsed, received $1,000. I sent an email to Mr. Abt asking him why he misled me. I've received no response.

There were other representatives who heard Mr. Abt's statement at the endorsement interview; maybe they could provide some insight.

In the large scheme of things, it doesn't really matter but, in my opinion, this behavior doesn't reflect well on the Beaumont Teachers Association.