A New Platform

I need a new platform. I feel limited by my writing skills. I spend too much time trying to get my thoughts on paper. When I finally post it, I'm always sure I presented my position well. Later, after rereading my post once, I often feel I left out something or got something wrong.

I've decided to start the new year with a new platform. I just finished watching my first video blog attempt. And... I have to say... It's horrible! Even worse than my writing.

Here is my detailed self-review of my first video blog. 

  • I say "parent involvement" way too many times.
  • I am way too serious. (This is actually more fun than you might think)
  • I don't know if I can stop my eyebrows from doing what they do. 

There are too many more things wrong to list them here. However, I feel much more satisfied that I was able to say more and leave out less... I promise to make improvements, be patient.

I don't plan to stop writing. I hope to present a less serious side in my writings. In a video blog, I believe I will be able to present a more complete picture of my concerns and ideas. I don't claim to be as entertaining as iCarly but I believe I can get my point across to my target audience, our school board and administration. I know they will be able to tolerate my delivery to listen to what I have to say even if they don't want to hear in public. I know they follow my blog, they often have planned reports on topics they know I am going to speak about in their board meetings.

I hope the board members and superintendents will continue to follow me. They tell us they only want to hear from us for three minutes, twice a month. They reduced our public speaking time because they wanted shorter meetings but at the same time, they added the "Principals' Report". This new board meeting report  provides unlimited time for one of the principals to speak on any topic they choose. The board meetings aren't any shorter. I'd like them to start listtening to "My Report".

I plan to start providing "My Report" as a video blog this week. Look for one to be posted a day or two after each board meeting. 

Here is the link to my first video, try to enjoy...