Highland Academy Pulls Charter School Petition From Consideration

This week's board meeting lasted just under 3 hours. It included a workshop to discuss the Highland Academy Charter School petition and a report on the district's programs and services for GATE students.

I've recorded an audio podcast review of the meeting in which I provide my analysis and clips from the district's podcast. Due to the file size limitations of my website, I've had to split my recording in two parts. The first part covers the workshop and GATE report the second part consist mostly of the closing reports from the President of the teachers' union, Jody Behrens, and the closing report from each of the five board members and my final analysis. 

I am experimenting with a new audio mixing program please bear with me while I learn to improve the quality of my podcasts. I hope you will benefit from my work.

Part 1 Charter School and GATE programs - Click Here (Length 6:14)

Part 2 Closing remarks - Click Here (Length 20:17)