Beaumont Unified Board Agenda Preview for January 24, 2012

The agenda for this week's board meeting is now available on the district's website. I've reviewed it and found some items worth noting. I recorded an audio review, click here to listen.

The board, starting an hour early at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, will be holding a workshop on Highland Academy's charter school petition. They will also be recognizing students with perfect scores on last year's state tests; presenting a report on the district's GATE services; and reviewing the calendar for the 2012-2013 school year.

One other note: I noticed in the facilities report the administration has provided the board members with design plans and cost estimates for the parking lot redesign projects for Brookside and Tournament Hills elementary schools. I find this inconsistent with the message the district's representative gave us at the Brookside Site Council meeting earlier this month. They told us they were still in the early planning stages and still considering all their options. We were told they would schedule a meeting for parents at a time that would enable more parents to provide input. I'm not sure how they could present plans and cost estimates untill a design has been finalized. 

Look for my next report of this week's board meeting on Wednesday or Thursday. I hope to be able to include some clips from the district's podcast. It should be entertaining.

I am trying another vehichle for my reporting, audio podcasts. I haven't been comfortable with my video reports and I think audio makes more sense when I'm just trying to get my message out. Audio files are easier to distribute, easier to share and I don't have to worry about how uncomfortable I look. I still think video will provide value in some situations. Some time next week, look for a video report titled "Running the Gauntlet at Brookside Elementary'. I hope it will give a good representation of what parents experience everyday when they pick up their kids in the afternoon.