It's the Culture, Not the People

Why am I so  impatient with our local school administrators and concerned about the educational opportunities they are providing for our kids? I have a daughter in fourth grade and a son in first grade. I don't have to tell any parent, no matter how old their children are, that life is short and the time our kids have to prepare for the world we are leaving them is limited. I don't have time to be patient, none of us do.

I believe our problem is the government school culture. This is a culture that considers parent involvement and public transparency interference. It places more importance on meeting minimum legal requirements than public transparency and working with parents. Decades of throwing more and more money at school budgets and employee entitlement programs has developed a mindset in our administrators and public employee union administrators of entitlement. A mindset that believes there will always be more money.

I believe most educators, both teachers and administrators, have their hearts in the right place. I believe our kids' interests are their biggest concern but I believe the government school culture, resulting from too much control by our state and federal governments, is damaging the educational environment for our kids. We elect a school board to provide direction for our administration. I believe it is the board members' responsibility and duty to change the mindset of our administrators and help create a new culture. We don't need board members who embrace the current culture and believe the administration should provide the leadership and direction.

Over the next few weeks I plan to layout, in detail, how I believe the government school culture is affecting the educational opportunities for our kids in Beaumont. I also plan to offer solutions and suggestions. None of this will be new to anyone who has been following my blog but I think through a video podcast, I will be better able to present my position and ideas.

Here is a link to my first podcast on Government School Culture: