My Video Report - BUSD Board Meeting 1/11/12

In my latest video blog (Click Here to watch) I tell you about a few interesting items discussed in our board meeting this week, In my video I talk about the recognition given to our high school water polo team, the district's effort to get access to more federal stimulus funds and the politics behind the board president selection process

I realized after I was finished that I left out one important issue, graduation tickets.

The mother of one of our high school seniors recently learned that, for the first time in Beaumont, there will be limitied seating for graduation. Even though they will have a larger stadium, the board has authorized the administration to implement a ticket system to limit the number of guest each graduate can invite to the ceremony. It seems like there are some bugs that still need to be worked out but parents need to get on top of this now. There is still time to convince the board to develop a more family friendly process. 

If you have a son or daughter graduating this year make sure you are aware of the details of the ticket process. It may be very difficult to plan the event if you don't know how many tickets you will be able to get until two days before graduation. I remeber when this was discussed last year. It seemed the board and the administration didn't believe there would be any problems with seating this year but they decided to be proactive so in future years we will already be conditioned to the process. At least that is how I remember it.