Brookside Parking Plan

I attended the school site council meeting at Brookside yesterday. I went to see the district’s parking lot plan for Brookside. The plan presented by the administration showed additional parking developed for staff replacing a chunk of the school's playground. There were no changes to the traffic flow. No new entrances, no widening of entrances, no reference to any structural changes to Brookside (the street) in front of Brookside (the school). There was no proposed change in the flow of traffic. When I asked about the more important issue of traffic flow, not parking spaces, I was told there were plans to address traffic flow in the long term plan. I don’t believe we have time for long term plans when it comes to the traffic conditions around our schools.

I was also disappointed to see no joint effort/plan with the city to address the traffic issues. It would be nice to see a complete solution with the city’s plans and the school district plans. We are in this mess because our school district administration and the city’s administration haven’t been able to work together in the past. I don’t want to sit back and watch them each make it worse independently. We need to encourage them to work together.

I asked the district’s representative to share with parents, on our district’s website, the preliminary plan and any other plans they have. And then, schedule an evening presentation with child-care available to discuss all the plans for our parking lot. She agreed. I'll link to the plans once they are posted to the district website.

Mrs. Goode, our principal, suggested a structured plan for the meeting. She suggested parents could break into smaller groups for brainstorming and then come together as a larger group for discussion. I think providing a structured discussion , makes a lot of sense. I’m not sure what the best strategy is to follow but I am encouraged the district will host the open public discussion, I think parents can help.