Cautiously Optimistic

Today (9/8/11) I met with Mr. Elatar, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, to review the plans for the new district office headquarters. I'm still not convinced we need a 12 million dollar district headquarters but I am hopeful that Mr. Elatar now understands the need for transparency. He informed me that the district has posted some of the plans for the new buildings on the dsitrict website's "Current Projects" page. Click here to view the plans. 

I expressed my concerns about the inefficient use of our buses and how I believe if the fee for riding the buses was low enough to fill them up, the traffic issues would disappear. Mr. Elatar said he would look into it. He told me about some of the traffic solutions he is considering for some of our schools. I am encouraged he is seriously considering our traffic problems. I told him that in order to have a successful traffic plan, the parents and community members who live with the traffic conditions every day need to be consulted and included in the discussions and planning.

I am cautiously optimistic that Mr. Elatar may be open to changing the district's "business as usual" approach.