A Letter To The BUSD Board President

BUSD Board President Mrs. Lara,

Last week, I made a request to Alice Grundman, Beaumont Unified School District's Director of Facilities, for copies of plans and drawings of the new District Office construction project, also known as the Educational Support Facility. She was very helpful and provided me some plans in just a few days. The plans she provided appeared to be hand drawn rough draft plans. They raised more questions than they answered.

I would like to request you, and your fellow board members, to authorize and instruct the administration to release the latest digital versions of the plans for public viewing. Since this project, and all the school district's projects, are financed with public funds, the public has a right to see what we are paying for before the project is completed. If you have the administration send me the plans, I will post them on my website and on the Banning-Beaumont Patch. However, I believe a better solution would be for the plans to be prominently linked to on the district's website.

As our elected representatives, I hope you and your colleagues feel a duty and a responsibility to the public who supported and elected you. If you are unable to agree to this request, please consider this my official request for an agenda item to be placed on the next board meeting's agenda for public discussion.

Thank you,

Lloyd White