Another $20,000 for a New BUSD Program

The state legislature passed a law in the middle of the night and the governor signed it the next day to prevent school districts from laying off teachers. I’m not sure if classified employees received the same protection for their union, I doubt it. Here is a link to my post about AB-114:

What is AB 114? 

The current state budget overestimates revenue for next year and last I heard it is already 1.8 billion short of those estimates.

The Beaumont Unified School District administration told us at a recent board meeting that almost 90% of the annual budget goes towards salaries. This means most, if not all cuts, will come from programs and services and maybe classified personnel.

The school board approved one contract with Fast ForWord in 2010 for Anna Hause Elementary, $39,000 for the first year. This contract is a three year obligation but when the proposal was voted on by the school board they were not provided the amounts they were obligating funds for years 2 and 3.

Next the administration asked the board to consider adding another $39,000 contract with Fast ForWord and this time through the Adult School. They justified the new contract by suggesting they would offer "for fee" classes to adults in the community but they offered no plan as to how to accomplish this. Once again their proposal didn't include the fees for years 2 and 3 of the 3 year contract. With one board member not in attendance the proposal went down by a 2-2 vote. After the vote one of the board members suggested it be brought back once all members were in attendance.

The administration is once again proposing a new school on the Fast ForWord program and once again they are not providing the board all the information. This program is for $20,150. Look for their argument that it is on sale and a real bargain. This is typical of a spend-aholic.

I did a little research when the first proposal was made and I found that the program is not as wonderful as our administration thinks it is. At least the research doesn't back it up. Here is a link to my post with all the Fast ForWord research:

Will The Board Authorize Another $39,000 They Don't Have?...Tune in Tomorrow

I am looking forward to the report the administration will be providing regarding the amount of spending the board approved on third party training over the last few years. It would also be nice to see a report on the district's full obligation (all years of multiple year contracts) for the Fast ForWord programs and others like it already in place.

Our school district's budget is already operating with a deficit. The administration continues to spend money they don't have or don't know they will have in the years to come. Sound familiar? The only difference between our school district’s budget process and the budget passed by the geniuses in Washington DC is BUSD can't print more money. That's probably a good thing.

I will be willing to bet a dollar that the new Fast ForWord contract will be approved by a 3-2 vote on Tuesday.

One interesting note: One of the board members voting against the last contract was Suzie Lara. I wonder how she will justify voting the administration line this time. Stay tuned.

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