Our Leaders Have Lost Focus

I haven't written a post in a while for a couple reasons. First, there is only one school board meeting in July which means the Beaumont administrators I rely on for material have been pretty quiet. However, the more important reason is because I have been focusing on my kids and our summer vacation. I am writing from a cabin in Lake Tahoe while everyone is asleep upstairs. I know the agenda for next week’s board meeting will be coming out tomorrow and with the Brookside street project still on hold I am sure I will have plenty of material to write about soon.

I have always tried to keep my focus on the local school board politics and leave the city, county, state and national scene to others with more expertise. I follow closely the state and national politics but I focus on the local schools because I feel I can still make a difference there. I just finished catching up on what's happening to the economies around the world and I know it will affect all of us who have been saving for college and retirement. It is clear to me that our elected officials, specifically our senators and congressman are no longer focused on our kids, I wonder if they ever were. Our state and national governments are completely out of touch.

The President and our congressional leaders have been going around patting themselves on their backs for the debt limit deal they were able to put together. None of them seem to be too proud about the actual deal, who would be? We all know we will still be hopelessly in debt when my youngest graduates from high school in 2023. Our leaders are so proud of themselves for the political victories they believe they won by making their opponents look bad. 

The business world knows the debt ceiling deal was bad for our future and the future of our kids; it is obvious from the reaction of the world markets. I don't know the solution but I know we need something that seems to be missing at every level of government these days, leadership. We need someone to stand up and say they made a mistake. We need someone to demand our congress and the President to try again and this time make a serious effort to focus on our kids' future. Do you think Obama, Boxer, Feinstein, or Lewis will show the leadership? I doubt it. They are all so proud of what they've accomplished this week.

Well that is all I have to say about national politics, I just had to get it off my chest. I promise I will continue to focus on our kids and the Beaumont school district. I am rested, reinvigorated and raring to go. I can't wait to see the agenda tomorrow.