Please Be Careful Around Our Schools

With school starting this week, parents will once again be reminded how difficult the traffic around our schools can become. Please everyone, drive slowly, look out for kids texting or listening to their IPods, just take it easy. There wasn't an item on last week's board meeting agenda addressing the Brookside street project but there were some comments worth noting.

Councilman Castaldo, address the board and said there might be some people in the audience who think the city council is not concerned about the safety of our kids.

In case he was speaking to me, I'd like to refresh his memory. I wrote that the school board and the city were working on a joint street project on Brookside that didn't address the pick-up and drop-off areas around Brookside Elementary. I reminded everyone the school district had passed a bond measure telling voters it would address the pick-up and drop-off areas around all our schools. I pointed out not a single dime of the $50 million dollars the district has raised so far from the Measure Z has been spent on the pick-up and drop-off areas. I asked the city to use their influence to help the school district honor their word. I never accused anyone of not caring for the safety of our kids.

Dr. Kayrell told the board the school district would be meeting with the city council regarding the Brookside street project and once they have bids to present to the board, the board will be able to determine how much they want to spend to fix the areas around Brookside Elementary. He also said Margaret (De Longchamp) had asked him to address the issues around Brookside and Tournament Hills. Mr. Orozco asked if they were looking into areas around other schools and Dr. Kayrell told us they all visit these schools all the time implying they are aware of the conditions.

Thank you Mrs. De Longchamp for working behind the scenes to make our schools safer. 

Board Member Janelle Poulter pointed out that many of the problems she sees around the middle schools can be attributed to questionable actions by parents while dropping off their kids and she warned parents to watch out for students texting and listening to their music.

I agree. I have seen some parents doing really dumb things around my kids' school. I know everyone is in a hurry but until the district addresses the areas around our schools, everyone would be much safer if we slowed down, got to school earlier, and were just a little more careful.

I am thankful the city and school district are stepping back and taking a serious look at the Brookside street project and looking for ways to make Brookside Elementary safer. I am only familiar with the Brookside situation but from what I hear, there are other schools with problems. Our kids deserve more than observations from our city council members and visits by our district administrators to find all the problems that need to be addressed. Until someone gets serious about asking the parents who drop off their kids everyday what problems should be addressed, we won't be truly protecting all our kids.