Thank You BUSD for Your Dedication

At last night’s Beaumont Unified School District’s board meeting, the board was presented a preliminary report on scores from the 2010-2011 state standardized tests, also known as STAR tests. The final results will be presented later in the year but the preliminary report shows outstanding improvement district wide. Almost every category in every school showed improvement. The district wide test scores show Beaumont Unified, as a district, may have achieved a total score of 800. This puts our district in what Superintendent Dr. Kayrell referred to as an “Elite Group of districts”.

I have been, and will continue to be, critical of the administration’s failure to increase parent involvement when it comes to the planning and decision making of the direction of our district. I also will do all I can to help our board and administration to understand the importance parents place on the management of our kids' resources. But I recognize the achievement of the teachers, classified staff, site administrators, district administrators and school board members in reaching the level of excellence they have. The high quality of Beaumont’s schools was one reason my family moved to Beaumont.

Thank you BUSD for your dedication.