Thank You Pass Stingrays

This weekend, the Pass Stingrays Swim team finished up their season with the All-Star swim meet held at Valley View High School's community swiming pool in Moreno Valley. My daughter began the season struggling to swim across the shallow end of the pool and finished as an All-Star on the eight and under freestyle relay team. She learned more and progressed more than she did during the previous four years of swim lessons.

There are so many people who worked to make the season a success. There are many I would like to thank who made this possible but I don't know all their names. I promise to know more next year. I'd like to thank Coach Debra,Coach Macy, Coach Tammy, Coach Kim, Coach Christie, Coach Tara, Coach Christine, Timer Coordinator Donny, Statician Allison and the "Winner winner chicken dinner" announcer guy. 

The hardest part about the ending of the season for my family, is that there won't be any swimming until next year when the season starts up again in March. Having the final meet held at the pool in Moreno Valley, makes this even more difficult. The pool at Moreno Valley's Valley View High School is a true community pool. It is open during the summer for the public to enjoy. In Beaumont we don't have a community pool even though our city council and our school district promised us Beaumont High School's pool would be.

My kids won't be swimming as much this summer as they would if I lived in Moreno Valley. A real shame, espescially as temperature exceed 100 degrees. There is the Beaumont pool at Stewart Park but we found out last year how cold it is. You couldn't get me to swim there and there is no way I would ask my kids to either. We've been told the Banning pool is an option and we may give it a try. It sure would be nice to see our city council and school board work together to provide Beaumont families another option.