Mrs. De Longchamp, Remember Your Promise

During the elections for school board last year, I proposed some questions to the candidates and provided them the opportunity to respond on my blog.  One candidate, Mrs. De Longchamp responded. To her credit, she was the only candidate to respond. Here is the question and her response to an issue that will be front and center during the discussion tonight regarding a joint project between the City of Beaumont and the Beaumont Unified School District (BUSD).

What would you do to fix the drop off areas at Brookside?

I know firsthand about this, my daughter was a student at Brookside and I too had to park in the dirt field. This and the access around the high school must be fixed immediately and ultimately it's the Districts responsibility to set up and ensure that our kids are safe at school sites.

If elected, I'll work to use Measure Z funds to correct this problem immediately. If need be, I'll delay the construction of the new district office and use those funds to fix the roads around our schools. Our children's safety is more important than a fancy new office.

I’ve reviewed the supporting documentation the district provided with tonight’s agenda. There is no mention in the documentation of repairing or improving the parking and drop off areas around Brookside Elementary School. Measure Z was supposed to address the safety around the drop-off areas around all the district’s schools. To my knowledge, not one dollar from Measure Z has been applied towards the improvements of any drop-off area.

The joint project up for discussion tonight focuses on the impact the new stadium will have on the traffic and safety conditions on Brookside Ave. Parents who are dropping off kindergartners at Brookside Elementary, park in the dirt field almost directly across from the stadium construction site. The area around Brookside Elementary, already a traffic nightmare on school mornings, will become worse as construction activity picks up and once the stadium is completed.

Parents of Brookside, and all our schools, should hold Mrs. De Longchamp to her word to use Measure Z funds to fix the roads at all our schools. We need to remind her of her promise to “delay the construction of the new district office” and “ensure our kids are safe at school sites.” I will do my share, will you?