What if? - We Take Back Control

What if a community were to say enough is enough? What would happen if we, the community of Beaumont, were to tell the state and federal government we know what's best for our kids?

Everyone says the state's standards will be impossible to meet in 2014. The teachers have been telling us for years that we shouldn't be "teaching to the test". Parents have expressed concerns that the focus on just the core curriculum is hurting our children; that  by eliminating the other subjects, we are developing less rounded individuals.

I agree the standards are unreachable in 2014. The number of schools and school districts in the state that will be in program improvement, under the direct supervision of the state government, will be overwhelming for a bankrupt state. What will happen then?

What if we went back to letting our teachers teach? What if we provided our students a more well-rounded education? Who says they won't be prepared for the state tests? What could the state do to a community fully supporting their local district taking back control? What would they do?

I think the state will have their hands full. I think our test scores won't suffer much, if at all. Our kids and or teachers will enjoy school so much more with much less pressure and stress, the scores may even improve.

No matter what we do, we won't reach 100% proficiency in 2014. What do we have to lose? We already have schools in program improvement. I think families will move to this community just to get their children into schools providing a more rounded curriculum. It will probably even increase property values. We'll never know until a community tells the state to get out.