What if? - Charter Schools

We need to encourage our school administrators to start thinking outside the box. The public school culture of the last 30 years has failed us. It's time to start asking "What if?" 

What if our public school administrators were to listen to the many parents who want to send their children to charter schools and then work with parents to establish charter schools instead of putting up roadblocks and looking for ways to reject charter school petitions?

There are a number of schools in the troubled Los Angeles Unified School District that have decided to convert to charter schools. All the schools I’ve read about in LA that have taken this path are successful and their students are excelling. I haven’t heard of a single failure; please, someone let me know if I am missing something.

The last charter school petition rejected by Beaumont Unified School District was turned down because the board of trustees believed the petition was missing key requirements. I heard from many parents who were hopeful and then disappointed. I know of parents with children that have left the safe friendly confines of the elementary schools and are now struggling at the middle school level. They have come to me and ask me if there is a future for charter schools in Beaumont. They are considering home schooling their children or transferring them to private schools. These parents want more control in the learning environment at their kids' schools.

Wouldn’t it be great if our board of trustees would instruct the administration to work with parents and charter school petitioners to get it right? Wouldn’t we all be better off?