Comments FromTraining Survey - Day #4

Question # 5

Action Learning Systems training is superior to other outside training the district has contracted for


  1. They come in and take over. Yes, they have some good trainers. But others come in and frown at teachers during their lessons, creating doubt in the minds of that teachers students. We are paying an agency 2K dollars a day to intimidate our teachers and demean them in front of their students? Great.. Also, the snapshot of DII is a 3 minute walk through and principals use this little write up sheet to see if the teacher was using the strategies. Sometimes when they come in, DII is not appropriate, but the teacher will receive feedback that they were not efficiently using DII. No strategy is meant to be used 100% of the time. A strategy is used when appropriate, and some of our teachers at some of our sites are not being allowed to exercise their professional judgement and use the strategies when appropriate. They have been told to use them 100% of the time.. Really?
  2. ALS has found a way to weasel their way into so many school districts for an enormous profit that benefits no one but them. In fact, it appears that their profits are at the expense of our students. I have searched for their "research-based" methods and have found little. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but would sure like to see the actual data that they have developed their philosophy on.
  3. It’s a model that has shown documented growth. As for superior, this is a type of program that was developed because of No Child Left Behind. It is much more cost effective then the millions many districts around Beaumont have spent to hirer 'Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA)' to train and have very limited academic growth to show for.