Comments From Training Survey - Conclusion

Question #6

BUSD should conduct an anonymous survey of its teachers and make the results public before spending anymore money on outside consultants



  1. Anonymity would be good as there is a little bit of subtle retaliation that occurs for speaking your mind.
  2. MANY teachers are afraid to speak out because they don't want the backlash from the administration or the stress that comes with it. An anonymous survey may give a more accurate description of the feelings teachers have to outside consultants, especially ALS. Teachers speak with each other about the negative impact, both financially and with teacher morale, but most are fearful of speaking out because they don't want the stress that comes with speaking up. That stress eventually will trickle down to the students and for most teachers, the students are the reason we go to work every day. Their well being is at the top of our priorities. We do it for them. Just imagine what we could do if we were trusted as professionals to do our best job. Imagine that.....
  3. What are they scared of???
  4. No organization is going to support a system that evaluates and recommends possible change in behavior.
  5. Survey's are not always accurate and unless they are overwhelming to one side they rarely give the desired information
  6. A survey is fine,but funding should not be dependent on their opinion. Funding should depend on results. Teachers are going to oppose because the teachers union tends to fight ways to hold them accountable. If teachers are complaining about action and yet test results in the District are good, that tells me this outside group is effective.