Comments FromTraining Survey - Day #3

Question #4

Outside training over the last few years has prepared our teachers to take over the responsibility of training other teachers.


  1. I was not directly involved in this training. I do believe once you learn DII as a strategy, you've got it, and it shouldnt' take 3 years of professional development
  2. All teachers have had the same training - as far as I am aware - through ALS. Personally, I was told that I needed to observe a "newer" teacher (for and entire week) in the DII techniques that she was taught during her co-plan/co-teach session. Unfortunately, it ended up being an entire week that I missed teaching writing to my own students because the ALS coach used the exact same format, techniques, standards, diagrams, etc. for my co-plan/co-teach session as with the teacher that I was told to observe. I learned nothing new from the experience and came away from it feeling frustrated that I missed time away from my students to observe the same techniques that I have seen too many times to count. Once we have be taught to have the students echo the standard, we get it. We don't need to see it over and over again.
  3. "When the cat is gone, the mice will play."
  4. I'm sure it didn't hurt, but probably not necessary. That is to say, most teachers in BUSD are pretty good, maybe a few bad, maybe a few good. The real difference comes in class size and what participation parents choose to take. Save the money and try to keep classes as small as we can.