Some Comments From The Training Survey

The survey is still open. If you haven't participated yet, there is still time. I will close the survey on Friday and try to get the results posted over the weekend. I have found the comments left by the particpants are very interesting and I will begin posting them today. I will post one question and the responses for that question each day. If you want your responses to be included, you need to take the survey now.

Here is question #2:

Action Learning Systems is key to BUSD's high test scores. 

Here are the responses: 

  1. I was told that Dr. Latham obtained her phd by writing her doctoral paper on the ALS system. I was told that is why she encouraged the district to use them in the first place years ago. I believe they provided some of her research for free, so that she was able to earn her Phd.
  2. I would rather take training that is specific to the subject area in which I teach.
  3. They may have contributed to the alignment of service delivery and strategies across sites, but I feel as if they are seen as the experts and not our teachers. When you place the value on an outside agency above the value of the teachers that work within the district, it causes mistrust, it causes push-back, it causes a sense of disempowerment.
  4. The teachers dedication to improving students performance is the key to success. ALS has limited teachers - especially veteran teachers - from using techniques and materials that have been highly effective in the past. In my opinion...a huge waste of money. I would rather keep class sizes down, add music, art social studies, science. I believe that if our students are given the opportunity to learn more than just Language arts and Math, we will see test scores rise as well. Sure, L.A. and Math are on the CSTs, but life goes on after the CSTs and our students are getting bored. Believe it or not, students can actually become better readers when learning other subjects.
  5. It keeps all the teachers focused on their instruction and the skills that students need to master. This also holds true for the site administration, and the support that each class needs through out the year.


Responses submitted after original posting


  1. new communities are bringing in involved and educated parents. Students are also coming in with better access to outside learning sources.
  2. Results Speak for themself