Budget Crisis, What Budget Crisis?

Tonight our administration will ask our school board to approve the Resolution 2011-12 supporting California's May 9-13 Week of Action which will support and encourage a program to educate us about why we should lobby our Legislature to “approve the needed revenue extensions to support education funding” – Raise our taxes. Be prepared to see your children’s back packs used to educate you.

On the same agenda the administration will ask the board to authorize spending $118,179 to purchase software systems and 29 new computers to support the new systems. These new systems will also lock the district into maintenance contracts in the amount of almost $10,000 a year.

Here are the items they are considering: 

  • Demographic Consulting Services = $34,255
  • Substitute Employee Management System = $20,924
  • Child Nutrition Services Data Management = $63,000 

The administration will argue these systems will improve their productivity and provide more efficient services to our kids. This may be true but how many of us who are looking to cut our personal budgets to deal with rising gas prices, inflation, and needed revenue extension by our state government will be purchasing new systems to improve the productivity of our homes and families.

I know you are all running out to purchase solar panels, new appliances, and a more efficient car. It seems our state government and our public school administration believe the students, district employees, and our families are the only ones who need to make sacrifices.

I understand the computers in our high school computer classes are seriously out of date and when teachers asked the district to upgrade these systems, they were told they would have to lay off teachers to cover the cost. Now they can buy 29 new computers to support the Child Nutrition Services Data Management system. How many teachers will be let go to support this expense?