Remember, They Work for You

At the board meeting last night, I had a brief conversation with Mrs. De Longchamp. She informed me that her husband doesn't work for Bogh Engineering but her brother does. I asked her why she didn't follow the board's own conflict of interest policy and fully disclose it in the board meeting and in the minutes. She told me she was following the advice of the legal department.

I want to thank Mrs. De Longchamp for addressing this with me directly. I think if she had disclosed this to the public before it ever became an issue, it never would have. 

The culture of the administration is to avoid transparency when possible and only address the difficult issues once someone complains.

  • Their reluctance to truly involve parents and follow their policy to develop a parent involvement policy
  • The handling of the Superintendent's raise
  • The backdoor use of the "The School Safety; Vocational Education; Classroom Repair Measure proposition" (Measure Z) to build a $20,000,000 sports complex
  • Building a $10,000,000 Taj Mahal district office with very little public input
  • Adding language to the public address section of the agenda that speaks of legal action against parents who address the board
  • Following the letter of the law in addressing complaints by parents to delay a resolution instead of taking issues head on

These are all examples of the culture of this administration.

Once again, Dr. Kayrell put a board member in an unnecessary position. I hope Mrs. De Longchamp and the other board members will demand more from our administration. Remember, they work for you.