Dr. Kayrell Has Been Asking Our Kids to Make Sacrifices and Then Accepts a 20% Increase

Sacrifices made by parents, teachers, classified, and kids in Beaumont 

Following is a quick list I made this morning. Please send me anything I’ve missed so I can add to the list and present it as a reminder to the board at the board meeting on Tuesday. 


  • Gate programs eliminated and funds earned by our kids from the state are rolled into the general fund.
  • Busing for high school and middle school students eliminated.
  • Kindergarten and third grade class sizes increased by %50.
  • Classified Aide positions eliminated.
  • Classified Aide hours cut to less than 4 hours a day to allow the district to eliminate responsibility to pay benefits.
  • Dangerous school pick-up and drop-off areas remain so money from Measure Z can build a $20,000,000 stadium.
  • Veteran teachers restricted from using proven teaching tools that aren't part of the “official curriculum”.
  • Computer hardware for high school technology courses become obsolete so money from Measure Z can build a $20,000,000 stadium.
  • Property tax responsibilities are double what voters were told to expect so money from Measure Z can build a $20,000,000 stadium.
  • Librarian positions reduced.
  • Play ground equipment deteriorate and are not replaced.



Sacrifices made by Dr. Kayrell 


  • One of two secretary positions eliminated.
  • Monthly car allowance.
  • Promises to accept furlough days after all other district employees agree to furlough days.