BUSD Addresses The Raise Tomorrow???

The agenda for tomorrow night's meeting has an item under the old business section 8.1 described as "Receive a staff report on the Superintendent's successor agreement". Do you think they will ever call it his raise or even his extension? I think not.

If you read the agenda's backup documentation, the district makes it clear that they are now willing to follow the rules. Unfortunately they have decided to follow Robert's Rules of Order to justify not following the Brown Act.

I wonder if there will be a complete power point presentation. I wonder if the Superintendent will be asked to directly respond to questions from the public...I think not!

There are two questions that need to be asked and answered directly by Dr. Kayrell and Mrs. Kakish:

1) When Mrs. Kakish told us there was no fiscal impact on the district's budget, did she mean only this year? Or, did she mean no fiscal imapct on future years? This is the kind of hair splitting I've come to expect from our Assistant Superintendent of Business.

2) What is the fiscal impact on the Superintendent's pension? How much do the actions of the board increase Dr.Kayrell's pension in the first year of his retirement? And, what is the cumulative impact over the first ten years?

Do you think these questions will be answered? I think not!!!