Our Kids' Futures Depend on Us

Why am I so concerned about the Superintendent's pension? Why do I worry that $20,000,000 is too much to spend on a stadium? Why do I complain about a $200 annual property tax bill? Why am I critical of the board authorizing another $30,000,000 in Measure Z bonds to cover the costs overruns on their ongoing projects? Because I care about my kids, our kids.

Our time on this planet is finite and we spend most of our time working. The time we work takes us away from our families. When our school district comes to us for money to support unfunded pension liabilities to increase Dr. Kayrell's pension $40,000 each year, they are telling us to work more and spend less time with our families. When the district increases my property taxes to complete projects that were budgeted poorly and should have been paid with previous bond funds, they are asking me to work longer hours and spend less time involved in my kids' lives.

Unlike our public employees, and yes Dr. Kayrell is a public employee, I don't have STEP increases. My income doesn't automatically increase each year. I don't have the opportunity to take classes and earn graduate degrees to increase the automatic annual step increases. The more money the district and local government demands from me, the less time I have with my kids.

The most important reason we need to get control of the spending in our school district, and our local and state government, is because of what we are doing to our children's future. We are leaving them a dark future. Some experts are saying that as a result of what our Federal government is spending our kids can expect to pay almost 66% of their income in federal income taxes. This is before the state and local governments take their cut.

Each of us need to do all we can to get this spending and taxing under control now! Most of us aren't able to do much at the Federal and state level to control spending but we can still make a difference in our schools and our community. We have to make a difference, our kids' futures depend on us.