Charter School Coming to Beaumont? - Round 2

On Tuesday, the Beaumont Unified School Board will conduct a public hearing to consider the second petition request by Brent Bishop of Highland Academy to establish a charter school in Beaumont. 

Most of the public hearings the board holds during their regular board meetings last only a couple minutes because the public very seldom attends. I think the district should do more to notify the public of their board meeting agendas and these specal public hearings. They are meeting the minimum legal requirements of the Brown act but I think we deserve better. If you are interested in voicing your opinion about the future of charter schools in Beaumont, please make an effort to attend.

The last petition submitted by Mr. Bishop was denied by the board for the following official explanation:

The petition presents an unsound educational program for the pupils to be enrolled in the school; the petitioners are unlikely to successfully implement the program set forth in the petition; the petition does not contain all of the required affirmations; and the petition does not contain reasonably comprehensive descriptions of all of the required elements.

I was critical of the board's decision because I didn't feel the district made a good faith effort to work with Mr. Bishop to put together a plan that could benefit our kids and the district could support. I hope the board and the administration have been more supportive this time of Mr. Bishop's efforts. 

I know charter schools in Yucaipa have been doing well and Beaumont parents I know that drive their kids each morning  to school in Yucaipa, are very satisfied with the educational opportunity those charter schools are providing. I know they would much rather stay in Beaumont. 

I believe the principal and teachers at my kids' school, Brookside, are the best in the business and I am very pleased with the environment they have created. Unless something changes, my son and daughter will continue to attend Brookside. I know not all Beaumont Unified Parents are as satisfied as I am and I believe they should have more options.

I believe charter schools welcome more parent input and require more parent involvement. In my opinion this is the key to their success or failure. I also believe our government schools could be improved by accepting more parental input and by expecting and demanding more parent involvement.

I want to thank Mr. Bishop for his continued efforts to improve the educational opportunities in Beaumont. I will be there on Tuesday to support him.