We Can't Wait

I had an interesting response to my last post from a Patch reader.

He wrote: “The only alternative for families with school-age children is to leave the state or enroll their kids in private schools. This is always a huge economic decision for the family, but one that must be made for the kids.” – Jack Smith.

I know Jack shares my frustration in our government schools. However, I believe there is one more alternative, enroll your kids in the government schools and take an active interest in their education. Volunteer when you can. Monitor the school board. Take an active role to insure they are doing their due diligence and holding the administration accountable. Support the board members who are carrying out your wishes and let the others know you won’t support them when they don’t.

For many families, Jack’s two alternatives aren’t available. Parents, who owe more than their homes are worth and are doing what they can just to pay the mortgage, aren’t able to pick-up and move. We shouldn’t have to. We should be able to demand our school administration be responsive to our concerns, and accountable to our school board and the community. This is the promise I made when my daughter started kindergarten.

My daughter is in 4th grade and my son is in first. If you have children, you know time is short and we have such a small window to make a real difference. President Obama keeps telling us, “We can’t wait”. He is right, our kids can’t wait for our national and state politicians to get us out of the mess we let them get us into. We need to make sure our local officials provide the education our kids deserve now.

Our generation may be the first generation of Americans in a very long time, if ever, not to be able to leave to our children, and grandchildren, a better world than we found. I will do everything I can to provide my kids with the best opportunity to succeed in whatever world they will face. The key for my family, is our local government schools and making sure they provide the best possible chance.