Let's Help Our City Go Green

Did you know Beaumont Unified School District owns a natural gas fueling station?

This was sold to our community through a joint campaign by our school district and our city council. The sales pitch we heard told us the district and the city were interested in "Going Green". They told us they would reduce emissions. The school district told us they would reduce their fuels costs for years to come.

The city announced in a press release April 14, 2010:

The city of Beaumont is reducing nitrous oxide emissions. Toxic diesel particulate matter will also be reduced, which can become imbedded in the lungs and lead to serious health problems including increasing the risk of heart and respiratory disease. The city will continue its efforts to seek funding and "go green".

I'm not sure how eliminating transportation for our kids helps the city "go green". And how does the school district realize all the savings they promised us if there are no fuel costs to reduce. If the city and the school district would use the funds they would need to invest in our streets to fix the traffic problems and insure the safety of our kids, I think the city and school district could find funding for a "go green" program that also reduced auto emissions by bringing back busing. I'm sure President Obama would see this as a better "green" investment than Solyndra.

On October 25th, the school board may consider a pilot program that would offer one month, February 2012, of free busing for all BUSD students. This would provide an opportunity to see if full service busing may be the solution to our traffic and safety problems.

If you are one of the many parents who were disappointed when the board eliminated busing for middle school and high school students two years ago; or if you're one of the many elementary parents that have been priced out of busing for your kids; or you're a parent who doesn't want to see busing in Beaumont eliminated for elementary students, this may be a good opportunity to express your concerns.