Beaumont School Board Considers Free Busing

I submitted a request to Beaumont’s school board members to add an item to a future board meeting agenda. The item asks the board members to consider establishing a one month trial period of free full service busing for all Beaumont Unified students. The board has granted my request and the item will be discussed at the next board meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm. If you want to speak on either side of this issue, you need to be there early to fill out a form.

I believe before the board eliminates all home-to-school busing they should fully evaluate the effects of free busing. I believe, for many reasons, that our community and our kids would be much better off if the district provided free busing. I have written multiple blog posts supporting my positions. For your convenience, I’ve linked to the posts below.

If after a one month evaluation, it doesn’t appear to significantly improve the traffic and safety conditions around our schools, I will understand and accept busing is a service that should be eliminated during the next round of budget cuts. On the other hand, if we learn free busing does improve conditions, I hope to see the school district work with the city to establish a joint effort to fund the service. I am not asking the board to make any commitment other than a one month trial program.

I know when I submitted the request it was a longshot. The fact the administration has added the agenda item with their recommendation to the board to deny the request, makes it almost certain to fail. Three of our five board members very seldom, if ever, vote in opposition to the administration. It's probably just a formailty at this point.

I will attend next week’s meeting to support my position, I may be there alone but I won’t be discouraged in doing what I think is right for our kids. For those who think I'm a whiner and I need to be more positive, take note; I have put forward another positive solution.

“If you don’t have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?” – John Wooden


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