Is Municipal Transportation The Solution?


Many of today’s families will need some kind of transportation solution when the school buses are no longer running. Municipal transportation, for some, is the only alternative. Do you know anyone who is sending their middle school students to school on the city buses now? How’s that working?

Do we want our eleven and twelve year olds using public transportation to get to and from school? I don’t. I am sure the drivers all receive thorough background checks and I am sure we can be certain there are no child predators driving our city buses, what about the riders? No one needs a background check to ride these buses. Are the city bus drivers trained to deal with adults approaching our children on these buses?

I believe some in our school district’s administration and our city government believe our children are safe on public transportation. I would like to hear from our school board members and city council members how many of them are comfortable with our kids, some as young as eleven years old, using the public bus system to get to and from school.

I would hope there is an age limit for public transportation riders. If there is, what will parents of elementary students do when there is no other alternative? Without free busing provided by our school district, supported by our city, many parents will be left with no alternative. Can we afford not to have home-to-school busing?