Can Full Service Busing Increase Home Values?

Can busing improve our home values? I think it can.

How many of us moved to Beaumont because of the school system? I did. I moved here from Highland. My kids would have gone to the Redlands school district. Redlands has some pretty good schools but, in my opinion, the Beaumont schools are even a little better. I could have stayed in Highland and my kids would still have received a strong education. I moved here because of the schools and the community.

We are going to hear from the Beaumont Unified School District administration how all the surrounding districts have reduced or eliminated transportation services. This will be one of their justifications for doing the same here. To me, this is another reason not to. 

Our school board members and administration can often be heard boasting about our schools' scores. Our city council and city administration also brag about our schools and tell people this is another reason to move to Beaumont. What if we were the only school district around that offered full service transportation? Wouldn't that be another reason for people to want to move their families here?

Would you rather have bus drivers that have been vetted and trained to work with children than municipal bus drivers that may not have any experience working with kids? Many people in our area are forced to commute in order to provide a better quality of life for their families. Would more people consider moving here if they didn't have to worry about getting their kids to school and getting to work on time? 

If our city council and school board could boast we have some of the highest test scores in the state and we still offer old fashion school bus services, more families would want to move here. Our city, and tax base, would begin to grow again. Wouldn't this be a good thing for those of us who owe more on our houses than they are worth. I think it would.