Let's Do A Little Math

When Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Mr. Elatar, presented his report to the board on the Beaumont Unified's transportation services last month, he appeared to be setting the stage for eliminating all home-to-school busing. He estimated only about 25% of students who were eligible for free busing, were taking advantage of the free services. He suggested there might be ways to promote the service and increase rider-ship. He said he was willing to make the effort but I think he was trying to show the board that since a small percentage of students eligible for free busing were using the service, the district could go without.

Let's do a little math. If the district offered free busing to its 8,000 students and only 25% participated, this would be 2,000 students. This is almost five times the current number of riders. The increase in cost would be no where close to 5 times. If the district added incentives for riding the bus as they do for perfect attendance, I'm sure many fewer families would be involved in the morning traffic jams around our schools.