Salary Increase of More than $30,000...What is the Meaning of the Word "Increase"?

At Tuesday's board meeting, the extension of the Superintendent’s contract, seemed to slip under the radar; I even missed it. On the board agenda it was referred to as the “Superintendent’s Successor Agreement”. There was no supporting documentation in my agenda package and I have been unable to locate anything on the district website. I asked district office to provide me a copy or link.

I relied on documents provided to me by the district office last year when I questioned the increases for the assistant superintendents and found out I had been provided the wrong documents. Keeping that in mind, please review the contracts below and tell me, is this an increase of more than $30,000?

These documents show the annual salary for Dr. Kayrell in 2008 was $152,250 and the extension lists the current annual salary to be $182,845. The figure for 2008, $152,250 matches the amount I was able to find on the district's website. The extension shows Dr. Kayrell turning down the health insurance. Is this the reason for the increase? Is there really any increase? What is the definition of the word "increase"? For that matter... What is the definition of the word "is"?

We will never find out the board's answers to my questions unless someone asks. I am sure they will have an explanation; I'm not interested in hearing it. Maybe someone else is and will ask. Probably not. Oh well... Crisis? What Crisis?


Here is a link to the extension:

 BUSD Superintendent Salary 2011-2014

And here is a link to the previous contract:

 BUSD Superintendent Salary 2008-2012